MArley TIle roof repairs

Skylight Replacement

Marley tile roof Velux skylight replacement.

We supply and install Velux skylights on Marley tile or clay tile roofs. We re-frame the curb when required, and take care of all the custom flashing work.

Cementing & Changing Valleys

Marley tile roof with cemented valleys.

We seal up the roof in the valleys to keep animals, rain, snow, and ice out of your home. We use cement dye to blend our work into the roof for a seamless finish.

Re-Flashing Chimneys

a Chimney re flashed with lead on a Marley tile roof.

We re-flash chimneys with lead or pre- painted steel, depending on the type of tile. We make sure all our flashings have a 5/8 ths riglet into the brick, fastened with concrete anchors, and sealed with exterior sealant to ensure that it will last.

Re-Cementing Hips & Ridges

Marley tile roof with re cemented hips.

We remove the old and falling out cement. Then we re-cement the hips and ridges with reinforcement to make sure that this time they stay in place. 

Steel Closures

Marley tile roof with steel eave closures or bird stops.

We supply and install custom steel closures under the bottom tiles to keep animals out!

Wall Flashings

Marley tile roof with steel wall flashings.

We do custom wall flashings with pre-painted steel to better match your house. More importantly, they last longer than lead. However, if requested we are more than happy to use lead as well.